Deck Restoration

It’s no surprise that if you want to keep your wood deck looking beautiful, you will need to keep it protected against the sun, rain and organic matters like mildew and mold. If your deck is exposed to the weather (not protected by a covered porch), you will need to apply a new sealant every two to three years to keep it looking beautiful and in good shape. This on-going maintenance is time consuming and may not be on our high-priority list for the weekend, so why not let the professionals at Coastal Crew take care of it for you. We are proud to offer deck restoration services to homeowners in the Charleston SC area. We repair, restore and stain decks, piers, boat docks and other exterior wood structures.

Coastal Crew offers professional staining and restoration services for decks, piers, boat docks and other outdoor wood surfaces/structures that need to be stained on regular basis or need repair.  If left unprotected, the sun and rain will deteriorate and erode the sealant on your exterior wood structures leaving the wood exposed for mildew and mold to grow, drying up and graying in color as, wood waring and rot. This is especially under the strong sun Charleston SC. Prevention is always better than having to repair the damages caused by the element and an unprotected deck, but if you exterior wood structures have seen better days, Coastal Crew can restore them for you. 

Why is wood staining and sealing so important?

Having exterior structures like a deck, dock or pergola built from lumber is not cheap, especially if you use higher quality wood products or have elaborate exterior wood structures built for you. If left unprotected, the expected lifespan of exterior wood structures and surfaces are considerably shortened and could get damaged to a point where rebuilding the entire wood structure is the only option available.

When unprotected wood surfaces are exposed to UV rays and temperature differences (summers and winters), they will dry out causing decay and weathering (gray color). 

Staining & Sealing Your Deck

Wood staining is used to set the color of the wood surface. Usually, the more opaque the stain color, the more it will conceal the wood grain underneath. The two main types of wood stain products –  dye and pigment-based stains. Dye-based wood stain products are used to stain wood surfaces with smaller pores. Pigment-based wood stain products are used for wood surfaces with larges pores. 

Sealing exterior wood surfaces consist of applying a clear coat of sealant to seal the pores to make the wood surface waterproof. By using a quality sealer that prevents the drying and bleaching effect of UV rays, exterior wood surfaces will be protected from turning a  grey color (weathering).

Wood Structures We Protect and Restore

If you live in the Charleston SC area and are interested in a free in-home consultation to stain, seal or restore your deck, pier/boat dock, or other exterior wood structures, contact Coastal Crew today by calling (843) 809-9597 or by fill out our online consultation request form. We respond to all inquiries quickly during business hours.

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