Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceilings were first introduced in the 1930s. They were also called acoustic ceilings because of their noise reduction and sound absorption properties. In reality, the sprayed-on texturing of popcorn ceilings served as a way to cover imperfections and poor workmanship which easily showed on ceilings. It was a way for contractors and builders to hide flaws and cut corners. Spraying popcorn texture on ceilings was time effective and cost efficient, but not so much eye-candy for homeowners. The use of popcorn ceilings lasted until 1990s when builders started to use smooth flat ceiling with no texturing. Popcorn ceilings are still found in older homes, and if you are reading this webpage, you most likely have popcorn ceilings and are looking for a way to have them professionally and permanently removed.

The good news about popcorn ceilings, is that you don’t have to keep living with them if you don’t want to! Even though removing popcorn ceilings can be a DIY project, its a messy job that requires a lot of work and know-how. There are many reasons why you should consider professional popcorn ceiling removal and ceiling refinishing services like the ones offered by Coastal Crew. One of those reasons is that your popcorn ceilings could contain asbestos, a banned material originally used in construction as a fire retardant with heat conserving properties. Asbestos was used  for a period of time in sprayed on popcorn ceiling material. Even though asbestos was banned in 1980, if your house was built in the 1980s, the only way to find out if your popcorn ceilings contained asbestos is to have a sample tested by a lab.

If left undisturbed and encapsulated, popcorn ceilings containing asbestos do not cause a serious health threat. However, any sanding or scrapping off popcorn ceilings would make asbestos friable – this is when loose particles of asbestos become airborne and can be in inhaled when breathing. That’s definitely not a good thing as asbestos has been shown to increase risk of developing lung cancer when inhaled.

Why hire Coastal Crew to remove your popcorn ceilings?

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process

In order to remove popcorn ceilings, Coastal Crew follows the procedures below:

– 1 –
Initial Consultation and Testing

Coastal Crew is quick to respond to customer inquiries. We will setup a time to meet at your home so we can evaluate your popcorn ceilings removal project and provide your with an accurate quote to do the work. If your home was built in the 1980s or before, we will collect a sample of the popcorn material and send it to a lab for testing to check if it contains asbestos.

– 2 –
Preparing the Work Area

The first step in the popcorn ceiling removal process is to remove light fixtures and cap / protect all electrical wires. Because removing popcorn involves softening the popcorn material using water, the power to where the work is taking place will be turned off for safety reasons. 

– 3 –
Protecting Your Home

Removing popcorn ceilings in a messy job. Before the work can start, Coastal Crew will protect your home including flooring, walls, furniture and other personal effects that cannot be moved by covering them with plastic sheets. 

– 4 –
Popcorn Removal Process

Your ceilings will be thoroughly sprayed with water to soften the popcorn material. If your popcorn ceilings were painted, it will require more work to remove the popcorn material. This is the messy part of the work when will scrap and sand your ceiling as needed to obtain a smooth finish. Once complete, the debris will be taken off site.

– 5 –
Refinishing Ceilings

Once the popcorn texture has been removed, Coastal Crew will be able to evaluate how good of a shape your ceilings are in. There is no way to know this before the popcorn texture is removed. For the best results, your ceilings finish need to be perfect and flat. Imperfections on your ceilings will be professionally corrected for a smooth surface so it can be painted. If the drywall seams on your ceilings need to be redone, we have professional drywall personnel ready to do the work for a beautiful finish.

Popcorn ceiling removal involves a lot more work and skills than you might think. If you are considering having your popcorn ceiling removed and ceilings refinished, contact Coastal Crew for a free in home consultation. 

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