Drywall Repairs and Installation

There are many reasons why you might need your drywall repaired or new drywall installed. One of the steps involved in interior painting is the preparation work. This is when surfaces are worked on and prepared to be primed and painted with a fresh coat of paint. If your drywall has damages, ie holes, nail pops, and imperfections, it will need to be repaired as the quality of the finished work heavily depends on the quality and thoroughness of the prep work.

To achieve the best painting results possible, the surfaces to be painted need to be smooth and as near flawless as possible. Holes in drywall that have been filled but not texturized to match the drywall texture will show more easily. The same goes for dents, dried paint drips, tape coming off at the drywall seams and the list goes on. 

Professional painters always say that the key to a beautiful paint finish is the prep work. At Coastal Crew, we don’t skimp on the prep work and we’ll point out the areas of your drywall that need to be repaired or replaced as imperfections on drywalls show easily, even more so if you don’t use a flat paint. 

Drywall might need repairs for several reasons including nail pops, holes, water damage, previous coats of paint that were poorly applied, cracks and scratches that occur from moving furniture. Drywall repair might also be needed as the result of a home improvement project like removing popcorn ceiling and wallpaper which could have concealed defects in the drywall. Whatever the reason behind why a drywall repair is needed, having a professional handle the repairs is the best way to guarantee it will be done right. The professionals at Coastal Crew are trained to repair drywall and refinish the surface with a final skim coat and sanding for the best results. 

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