Trim Work

When having the interior of your home painted, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to have trim work done on your place. Having trims professionally installed in your home where the walls meet the ceiling or the floor can truly transform the look for your home. Trim repair, installation, and painting is another service Coastal Crew is pleased to offer to homeowners in the Charleston area.

Professional Trim Installation

Adding trims like crown molding to your home is a fantastic upgrade that will allow you to conceal the area where the walls meet the ceilings. Installing crown molding creates a more aesthetic transition between walls and ceilings, as well as provide more height definition and a more refined finish. 

Trim repairs and replacement is also a service we offer at Coastal Crew.  Baseboards and shoe molding can get damaged overtime, as well as separate from the walls and other connected trims. In most situations, Coastal Crew can repair those areas by using wood filler, calking, sanding and refinishing with a fresh coat of paint. In other instances, the best option is to replace the baseboard and shoe molding and match them to your existing ones or replacing all of them altogether for a fresh more modern look. Whatever your situation, Coastal Crew can provide you with a professional solution for a beautiful finish you will absolutely love.

Trim Work We Install

Coastal Crew installs several types of trims including the following:

  • Baseboard, window and crown molding
  • Shoe molding
  • Ceiling box
  • Shelving
  • Wall paneling
  • Shiplap
  • Wainscoting

There are a lot of styles and sizes available for trims and the options are many. Coastal Crew can help you select the best style of trims for your home or can professionally install the trims you selected yourself. We also professionally paint all trims for a sharp, beautiful finish. 

Coastal Crew only offers trim work in combination with our interior painting services. Trims can be installed throughout your home including kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, around doors and anywhere else inside your home. 

If you are interested in having trims installed in your home, let us know when we visit you during our initial consultation so we can provide you with a quote to have them installed and painted. To schedule your initial consultation, call Coastal Crew today at (843) 809-9597 or fill out our online consultation request form

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